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Saturday, 13 August 2022

GPSA Meetings

Below are the TENTATIVE meetings dates for the GPSA during the 2022 calendar year. All meeting are held on the third Monday of the month in the GPSA at Massari Arena. Dates are subject to change if necessary.

Jan. 17 Feb. 21 Mar. 21 Apr. 18
May 16 Aug. 22 Sept. 19 Oct. 17


Banquet Date/Application Deadline

The deadline for nominations each year is Aug. 1.  The 2022 Banquet is tentatively set for Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. Go to the Application tab above to download and fill out an application today.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Jerry Sisneros, President of the GPSA. His email address is

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Below are a list of the officers who have served on the GPSA Board of Directors:


Year President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer
2021 Jerry Sisneros Miles Gorham John Gallina Mike Scott
2019 Anthony Hegler Dave Perkins Joe Bonaquista Mike Scott
2018 Anthony Hegler Dave Perkins Joe Bonaquista Mike Scott
2017 Jim Blanc Anthony Hegler Joe Bonaquista Mike Scott
2016 Jim Blanc Jeff Arnold Joe Bonaquista Mike Scott
2015 Jim Blanc Doyle Cooper Jeff Arnold Mike Scott
2014 Jim Blanc Doyle Cooper Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2013 Mike Spence Jim Blanc Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2012 Mike Spence Jim Blanc Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2011 Beverly Moore Mike Spence Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2010 Beverly Moore Mike Spence Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2009 Jim Blanc Beverly Moore Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2008 Jim Blanc Beverly Moore Jeff Arnold Chuck Bedard
2007 Richard "Dick" Vinci Jim Blanc Jeff Arnold Sam Corsentino
2006 Richard "Dick" Vinci Jim Blanc Jeff Arnold Sam Corsentino
2005 Jerry Ellis Jim Blanc Louis Keach Sam Corsentino
2004 Jerry Ellis Richard "Dick" Vinci Joe Bonaquista L. Keach (From April 19, 2004)
Sam Corsentino
2003 Wayne Pechek Richard "Dick" Vinci Joe Bonaquista Sam Corsentino
2002 Wayne Pechek Jerry Ellis Joe Bonaquista Sam Corsentino
2001 Sel Elizondo Jerry Ellis Mike Chorak Sam Corsentino
2000 Sel Elizondo Wayne Pechek Mike Chorak Sam Corsentino
1999 Beverly Moore Wayne Pechek Mike Chorak Sam Corsentino
1998 Donald Stutters Sel Elizondo M. Kay Aguilar Sam Corsentino
1997 John Rivas Beverly Moore M. Kay Aguilar Sam Corsentino
1996 Hoy Frakes Donald Stutters Donald Stutters Sam Corsentino
1995 Michael "Mickey" Giarranto Beverly Moore Donald Stutters Sam Corsentino
1994 Charles "Chuck" DePietro Phil Pantleo Donald Stutters Sam Corsentino
1993 Paul Gradishar Michael "Mickey" Giarranto Donald Stutters Sam Corsentino
1992 Patricia "Pat" Allsup Charles "Chuck" DePietro Donald Stutters Sam Corsentino
1991 Lorin Kilstofte Dale Bea Robert Trevithick Sam Corsentino
1990 Donald Stutters Patricia "Pat" Allsup Brian Macartney Sam Corsentino
1989 Ernie Ballotti Lorin Kilstofte Brian Macartney Sam Corsentino
1988 Ernie Ballotti Donald Stutters Brian Macartney Sam Corsentino
1987 George Simms Jim Horton Robert Trevithick Sam Corsentino
1986 Ernie Watkins Ruth Hulsey Ruth Hulsey Ernie Ballotti
1985 Robert Trevithick George Simms George Simms Ernie Ballotti
1984 Robert Trevithick David Parlapiano Bob Pobst Sam Corsentino
1983 Martin Gonzales Sam Corsentino John Vidic Sam Corsentino
1982 Art Lane Robert Trevithick Robert Trevithick Robert Trevithick
1981 Lorin Kilstofte Martin Gonzales Martin Gonzales Art Lane
1979 Howard Meyers*   Tom Keach Art Lane Nancy Habiger Art Lane
1978 Brian Macartney Tom Keach Lorin Kilstofte Nancy Habiger Art Lane
1977 Ernie Ballotti Howard Meyers Lorin Kilstofte Art Lane
1976 Jody Lane Brian Macartney Lorin Kilstofte Art Lane
1975 Dave Novak Ernie Ballotti Lorin Kilstofte Art Lane
1974 Louis Lazo Jody Lane Lorin Kilstofte Howard Meyers
1973 Ken Coatney Dave Novak Lorin Kilstofte Brian Macartney
1972 Sollie Raso Louis Lazo Lorin Kilstofte Brian Macartney












































*Howard Myers was sworn in as President and died the week after - never held a meeting
All above information take from programs and meeting minutes.

Officers by the Numbers

25-Year Members Award
Jim Blanc (2019)
Sel Elizondo (2019)
Joe Massaro (2019)


Most Years Served
as GPSA President
Jim Blanc
(2008-09 and 2014-17)


Most Years Served
as GPSA Vice-President
Jim Blanc
(2005-07 and 2012-13)


Mike Scott (2015-21)
Chuck Bedard (2008-2014)
Ernie Ballotti (1984-85)
Sam Corsentino (1982-83, 1986-2007)
Bob Trevithick (1981)
Art Lane (1975-80)
Howard Myers (1974)
Brian MacCartney (1972-73)


Most Years Served
as GPSA Secretary
Jeff Arnold


Joe Bonaquista (2016-19)
Jeff Arnold (2006-15)
Louis Leach (2004-05)
Joe Bonacquisata (2002-04, 2016-18)
Mike Chorak (1999-2001)
M. Kay Aguilar (1997-98)
Donald Stutters (1992-96)
Brian MacCartney (1988-90)
Ruth Hulsey (1986)
George Simms (1985)
Bob Pobst (1984)
John Vidic (1983)
Bob Trevithick (1982, 1987, 1991)
Martin Gonzales (1981)
Nancy Habiger (1979-80)
Lorin Kilstofte (1972-78)


Most Years Served
as GPSA Treasurer
Sam Corsentino
(1983-84, 1987-2003
and 2005-2007)


Jerry Sisneros (2021)
Anthony Hegler (2018-19)
Mike Spence (2012-13)
Jim Blanc (2008-09, 2014-17)
Richard Vinci (2006-07)
Jerry Ellis (2004-05)
Wayne Pechek (2002-03)
Sel Elizondo (2000-01)
Beverely Moore (1999, 2010-11)
John Rivas (1997)
Hoy Frakes (1996)
Michael Giarratano (1995)
Charles DePietro (1994)
Paul Gradishar (1993)
Patricia Allsup (1992)
Donald Stutters (1990, 1998)
Ruth Hulsey (1987)
George Simms (1987)
Ernie Watkins (1986)
Bob Trevithick (1984-85)
Martin Gonzales (1983)
Art Lane (1982)
Lorin Kilstofte (1981, 1991)
Tom Keach (1980)
Brian MacCartney (1979)
Ernie Ballotti (1978, 1988-89)
Jody Lane (1977)
Dave Novak (1976)
Louis Lazo (1975)
Ken Coatney (1974)
Solie Raso (1972-73)


Miles Gotham (2021)
Dave Perkins (2018-19)
Anthony Hegler (2017)
Jeff Arnold (2016)
Doyle Cooper (2014-15)
Mike Spence (2010-11)
Jim Blanc (2006-07, 2012-13)
Richard Vinci (2004-05)
Jerry Ellis (2002-03)
Wayne Pechek (2000-01)
Sel Elizondo (1999)
Beverely Moore (1998, 2008-09)
John Rivas (1996)
Phil Pantleo (1995)
Michael Giarratano (1994)
Charles DePietro (1993)
Dale Rea (1992)
Patricia Allsup (1991)
Donald Stutters (1989, 1997)
Jim Horton (1988)
Ruth Hulsey (1987)
George Simms (1986)
David Parlapiano (1985)
Sam Corsentino (1984)
Bob Trevithick (1983)
Martin Gonzales (1982)
Art Lane (1981)
Lorin Kilstofte (1980, 1990)
Howard Myers (1979)
Brian MacCartney (1978)
Ernie Ballotti (1977)
Jody Lane (1976)
Dave Novak (1975)
Louis Lazo (1974)
Ken Coatney (1972-73)


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