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Friday, 21 January 2022

GPSA Meetings

Below are the TENTATIVE meetings dates for the GPSA during the 2022 calendar year. All meeting are held on the third Monday of the month in the GPSA at Massari Arena. Dates are subject to change if necessary.

Jan. 17 Feb. 21 Mar. 21 Apr. 18
May 16 Aug. 22 Sept. 19 Oct. 17


Banquet Date/Application Deadline

The deadline for nominations each year is Aug. 1.  The 2022 Banquet is tentatively set for Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2022. Go to the Application tab above to download and fill out an application today.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Jerry Sisneros, President of the GPSA. His email address is

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By High School

Below shows the honorees and the high school attended along with the year of induction in parenthesis ().

LEGEND: p = awarded posthumously; >= attended first meeting; * = deceased;+ = charter member (placed after year inducted)


Roncalli H.S./P. Central H.S.
(One Male Honoree)
Michael "Corn" James (2018)



Vineland H.S.
(One Male Honoree)
P. Central H.S./P. South H.S.
(Two Male Honorees)
P. County H.S./P. South H.S.
(One Female Honorees)
Pleasant View H.S.
(Two Male Honorees)
John "Johnnie" Greco (1988*) Richard Michael Busia (2017) Timmie-Jo Miller-Lisac (2017) Sam F. "Rabbit" Ferraro (1992*)
  Robert "Bob" Busia (2017*p)   Anthony "Tony" Andenucio (1990*p)



St. Patrick H.S.
(Three Male Honorees)
Pueblo Roncalli H.S.
(Three Male Honorees)
Pueblo County H.S.
(Six Male/Three Female Honorees)
Pueblo East H.S.
(15 Male Honorees)
Russell C. "Russ" Sabo (2004*) Michael Daniel "Dan" Radiff (1997)  Carol L. Barker-Cosby (2017) Pat Laughlin (2019)
Charles G. "Charlie" Hoffman (1994*p) Carl Michael Taibi (1997*) Nikole "Niki" Marie Whitaker (2016) Richard "Rick" Joe Macias (2018)
Dr. John W. Sabo, Jr. (1992*p) Paul Gradishar (1989) Joe Thomas "Joe" Pannunzio II (2009) David A. Ryder (2018)
    Gary Frank Salimeno (2006) Richard B. "Rich" Lane (2017)
    Steven J. Cathcart (2004) Keith Allen Lane (2011)
    Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Villegas (1998*p) Alan E. Colglazier (2011)
    Pete Karl Pisciotta (1991*) Kenneth C. "Ken" Ramos (2008)
    Art Martinez (1989) David "Dave" Netherton (2005)
    Samuel J. "Sam" Corsentino (1980 LM) Rick Wayne Willits (2005)
      Thomas Michael "Mike" Waters (2004)
      Dan E. DeRose (2002)
      Steve Henson (2002)
      Jordan B. Berge (2000)
      Michael Dean Martinez (1997)
      Dick Ledoux (1984)


Pueblo Catholic H.S.
(14 Male/One Female Honorees)
Pueblo South H.S.
(26 Male/Five Female Honorees)
H.S. Inside Colorado
(27 Male/Two Female Honorees)
John Thomas Lane (2019*p)  David "Dave" Shaddy (2019) Michael J. "Mike" Zaremba (2018)
Mitchell H.S., Colorado Springs, CO
Joseph "George" Kaplan (2014) John "Coach" Michael Gallina (2017) Paula Henson (2017)
Penrose H.S., Penrose, CO
David P. Galich (2011*) Robert Timothy Urenda (2017) Jerry H. "Kerz" Kersey (2008*p)
Rye H.S., Rye, CO
Dr. John W. Sabo, Jr. (1992*p) Ed A. "Heavy" Reinert (2015) David Michael "Mike" Spence (2007)
Englewood H.S., Englewood,CO
Joseph Lee "Joe" Puleo III (2009*) John Wristen (2015) Joseph M. Folda (2006)
Sterling H.S., Sterling, CO
James Joseph Flood (2003) Michelle R. 'Shelly' Borton (2014) Deward "Dewey" Sullivan (2003)
Boone H.S., Boone, CO
Richard "Dick" Giarratino (2001) Shiloh Lynette Justice (2014) G. Owen Smith (2001*)
Ft. Collins, H.S., Ft. Collins, CO
Fred A. Pechek, Jr. (2000*) Curt J. "Top Cat" Topping (2013) Larry G. "Wags" Wagner (2000)
Fort Morgan H.S., Fort Morgan, CO
Dr. John Eugene Skube (2000) Karen L. (Koshak) Griebel (2011) Robert Hoag "Bob" Rawlings (1999)
Las Animas H.S., Las Animas, CO
Judith Kathryn "Judy" Hildner (1997*) Dan Robert "Kosho" Trujillo (2011) Anthony Joseph "Tony" Ribaudo (1998)
Trinidad H.S., Trinidad, CO
David Arthur "Sosh" Socier (1993*) Anthony "Nino" Giarratino (2010) Joe Bonacquista (1997)
Trinidad H.S., Trinidad, CO
Gene Hochevar (1990) Becky Lynn Golob (2010) Tom Brockman (1994)
Thomas Jefferson H.S., Denver, CO
Luz V. Montelongo (1988) Carol Patrick "Pat" McGraw (2009) William F. "Bill" Brown (1994)
Wray H.S., Wray, CO
Henry Robert "Bob" Haley (1978) Christopher C. Haering (2008) Tano Ozzello (1992*)
Trinidad H.S., Trinidad, CO
James Howard Abell (1976*p) Mark C. Haering (2008) Richard L. "Dick" Yates (1992)
McClave H.S., McClave, CO
  John A. Salas (2008) Brian Macartney (1988*>)
Salida H.S., Salida, CO
  Jeff Bonacquista (2007) Phyllis Long (1986)
Canon City H.S., Canon City, CO
  Jim J. Harrison (2006) John Paul Tate (1986*)
La Junta H.S., La Junta, CO
  John M. "Mike" Lynch (2004) Michael L. "Mike" Duran (1984)
Primero H.S., Weston, CO
  Louie D. Carleo (2003) Thomas Carlyle Gilmore (1984*p)
Ft. Collins H.S., Ft. Collins, CO
  Charles Allen "Chuck" Kochenberger (2001) Dave Baxter (1981*)
Lamar H.S., Lamar, CO
  Bradley Earl "Brad" Ranson (1998) Hoy E. Frakes (1981*)
Greeley H.S., Greeley, CO
  Joseph Andenucio (1996) George A. Grosvenor (1980*)
Boulder Prep H.S., Boulder, CO
  Joel Walter "Bear" Herzog (1996*p) George Williams, Sr. (1980)
Fountain H.S., Fountain, CO
  Brian Hochevar (1993) Jimmie Earl "Jim" Ranson (1978)
Canon City H.S., Canon City, CO
  John C. Lenhart, Jr. (1993) Henry "Hank" Gilmore (1977*p)
Adams City H.S., Commerce City, CO
  Richard "Rich" Riesner (1993) Sollie Simon "Sol" Raso (1976> LM)
North Denver H.S., Denver, CO
  Jerry K. Traylor (1991*) Frank A. "Iron Man" Slack (1975*)
Leadville, H.S., Leadville, CO
  Bobby M. "Bob" Graham (1990) Tony Niccoli, Jr. (1973+*p)
Trinidad H.S., Trinidad, CO
  David S. Knapp (1988) Harry Hugh "Chief" Simmons (1973*+)
El Paso County H.S., Colorado Springs, CO
Ramah H.S., Ramah, CO
  Dick Ledoux (1984)  


H.S. Outside Colorado
(26 Male/Two Female Honorees)
Pueblo Centennial H.S.
(64 Male/Five Female Honoree)
Pueblo Central H.S.
(96 Male/Eight Female Honoree)

John LeGrand Klomp (2014)
Wesleyville H.S., Wesleyville, PA
James Samuel Mastrini (2019) Dino Aragon (2019)
Everett C. "Ev" Thalhamer (2014)
East Aurora H.S., East Aurura, IL
Michael C. Sexton (2019) Karl Kottenstette (2019)
Jack C. Hildner (2012*p)
Pasadena H.S., Pasadena, CA
Myron Eugene "Gene" Poston (2018*p) Dean Rougas (2019)
Joseph C. "Joe" Prater (2006*p)
University H.S., Fayetteville, AR
Gregory "Greg" Norman Critchett (2017)  Andrew "Chink" Mihalick (2012*p)
Loren H. Kilstofte (2003*>)
Winona H.S., Winona, MN
Donald "Corky" E. Madrid (2016) Edward C. "Eddie" Smith (2018*p)
Charles Louis "Chuck" Haering (1999)
Central Catholic H.S., Pittsburgh, PA
George Joseph Mastrini (2014*p) Lee Beard (2018)
Jesse F. Banks (1996)
Lindsay H.S., Lindsey, OK
Travis J. Wolther (2014) David R. "Perk" Perkins (2017)
George Luiz (1995)
Jefferson H.S., Rochester, N.Y.
Ronald A. Smith (2013) Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*)
Dr. Donald G. "Don" Stutters (1993LM)
Watonga H.S., Watonga, OK
Walter Leo Hill (2012*) Eileen "Ike" Marie Krasovec-Perez (2017)
Donald "Don" McIntosh (1991)
H.S. in Provo, UT
James "Christy" Bivin (2010) Victor "Vic" Ford Keen (2016)
Jack "Cactus Jack" Helmsing (1989*)
College View H.S., Lincoln, NE
William Joseph "Bill" Hybl (2010) Charlie Manning (2015)
Chester W. "Bill" Corder (1987)
Kansas City H.S., Kansas City, MO
Gary P. Adamson (2009) Kendra S. (Nogare) Drury (2014)
Paul DeFoyd (1986*)
Henderson H.S., Frederick, OK
Edward J. "Dr. Eddie" DeRose (2008) William "Bill" Trevithick (2014)
C.T. "Fitz" Fitzgerald (1986*)
Pocahontas H.S., Pocahontas, IA
David Michael "Mike" Spence (2007) Anthony J. "Tony" Hegler (2013)
George A. "Newt" Newton (1984*p)
Dennis Robert Trujillo (2007) James G. "Jim" Reynolds (2013)
Rev. John Powers (1982*)
H.S., in Ireland 
Dr. Eugene"Gene" Albo (2005) Rick Shelton (2013)
Ernest E. "Ernie" Ballotti (1981)
Mooseheart H.S., Mooeheart, IL
Douglas L. "Lee Douglas" Cooley (2005*) Ruth E. Shelton (2012)
James S. "Jim" Grieve (1981*)
Hyde Park H.S., Chicago, IL
Richard D. Redd (2004*) Terry S. Snider (2012)
James A. "Spank" Blasing (1979)
Manhattan H.S.. Manhattan, KS
Frank Thomas Flood (2003*) Gary John Gehlhoff (2011)
Fred F. Smith (1979*)
Central H.S., St. Joseph's, MO
Jerry Lisle "Too Much" Pike (2003*) Frank A. "Inky" Pechek (2011*p) 
Willard Stanley Kettering (1978)
Lisbon H.S., Lisbon, IA
Jerry Lee Sisneros (2002) Kirk E. Kochenberger (2010)
Ross Beatty (1977*)
Chicago H.S., Chicago, IL
Ethelyn Thatcher [Jones] Potestio (2001*) Raymond T. Baker (2009) 
Omar Joseph "Turk" Lown (1976)
Lane H.S., Queens, N.Y.
Sam Dazzio (2000*) Dr. Elliott R. Plese (2008*p)
Larry Tommie Pickering (1976)
Trego County H.S., WaKeeney, KS
Freda Ann Hancock (1998) Edward R. "Ed" Renck (2008) 
Edward V. "Ed" Posa (1975)
Brooklyn Boy's H.S., Brooklyn, NY
Anne D. Beblavi (1995) David John "Dave" Mihalick (2007)
Ethel "Teach" Wentworth (1974*)
Tama H.S., Tama, IA
Joseph L. "Joe" Massaro, Jr. (1995) Roger Alan Hargraves (2006*p) 
Edwin J. "Ed" Smith (1973*+)
Cawker City H.S., Cawker City, KS
Darrell Bruce Colvin (1994) Dave Lockett (2006)
Calvin "Cal" Tatum (1973+)
Muskegon H.S., Muskegon, MI
Dr. Thomas J. "Tom" Muhic (1993) Jeff Arnold (2005*)
  Joseph "Salvy" Hernandez (1992*p) John Anthony "Sal" Salimeno, Jr. (2005*p) 
  George D. Amaya (1991*) Jerry C. Cunico (2004)
  Louis "Lou" Amaya (1991*) Dale G. Drummond (2004*p)
  Denton Harold "Denny" Stilson (1991*) Pete Falletta (2004) 
  Lorraine (Hall) Zabukovic (1991) Robert Luis "Bobby" Gonzales (2004) 
  Jim Blanc (1989) Nick Charles Graham (2004) 
  Raymond Earl "Ray" LeMasters II (1989*p) Charles A. "Chuck" Puga III (2004)
  Robert J. "Bobby"/"Hawk" Martinez (1988) Daniel Joseph "Rosie" Rosales (2002) 
  Ronald Bruce "Ronny" McDowell (1988*) Penny Zavichas (2002) 
  Jim Bongirno (1987*) Edmund Francis (2001) 
  Norman G. Colglazier (1987) Patrick Geonetta (2001)
  Richard Ryan "Rich" Purcell (1987) Fred John Rodriquez (2001)
  Patricia "Pat" Allsup (1985*) Kent Owen Smith (2001) 
  Joe E. Garcia (1985) William B. "Bill" Hodges, Jr. (2000) 
  Andy Richard Sackman (1985*) Donald Eugene "Don" Perko (2000*) 
  Bruce Ernest "Ernie" Watkins (1985*) Carmen Angelo Rivas (1999>) 
  John X. "Johnnie" Elbeck (1984*) Leonard Butler (1998) 
  James "Newell" Hall (1984*) Jerry L. Ellis (1998*) 
  Robert J. "Bobby" Armijo (1983) David "Styee" Styduhar (1998)
  Mike William Housh (1983) Deward Lee "Dewey" Thornton (1998) 
  Ruth Louise Hulsey (1983*) Michael Gene "Mike" Chorak (1997)
  Ralph E. "Giggs" Lindsey (1983*) Dan Luna (1997*)
  Luther J. Nava (1983) Wayne Gerard Pechek (1997) 
  William Ansel "Bill" Gower II (1982) David Q. "Duv" Dudley (1996)
  David C. "Dave" Parlapiano (1982*) Richard John "Dick" Vinci (1996*) 
  Dr. Paul John "Jack" Parsons (1982*) James Lucero (1995) 
  Charles "George" Simms, Jr. (1982*) Judy M. Fellhauer (1994)
  Mahlon Thatcher "Butch" White (1981) Don "Sma Duch" Schmidli (1994)
  Melvin L. "Mel" Spence (1980) Michael "Mickey" Giarratino (1993) 
  Thomas L. "Tom" Stanton (1980*) Joe Mohorcich(1993)
  Julius F. "Bud" Dammann (1979*) Sel Elizondo (1992)
  Dr. Charles Dale Rea (1978*) Michael M. "Mike" Milner (1992)
  James L. "Jim" Fimple (1977*) John L. Veechio (1992*) 
  Leland S. 'Lee" Johnson (1977*) Ray Psuedu (1991*)
  James Dale "Ox" Smith (1977*p) Gerald "Jerry" Starika (1990)
  Hatfield "Judge" Chilson (1976*) Paul Gradishar (1989)
  Ken Coatney (1976*>) John DeNardo (1988*)
  Otto Wilfred "Tink" Snapp, Jr. (1976*p) Prince Knafelc (1988*)
  David Packard (1975*) Frank Stephen Pagano (1988*)
  Bruno A. "Dr." DeRose (1973*+) Walter Lee "Walt" Pickard (1988*)
  Raymond E. "Red" LeMasters (1973*+) Sam Pagano (1987)
  William L. "Bill" McClatchy(1973*+)  Isobel DeFiore Simpson (1987*)
    Charles R. "Chuck" DePietro (1986)
    Timothy "Tim" Simmons (1986)
    Nathaniel "Nate" Jones (1985)
    Jo Anne "Jody" Lane (1985*)
    Dr. Albert D. Potestio (1985*)
    Frank DeLeon (1984)
    John Lawrence Rivas (1984*)
    Richard S. "Rich" Vivoda (1984*) 
    Voyd Joseph "Butch" Elich (1983*) 
    Charles G. Hitchcock (1983*)
    Dan Milusnic (1983*)  
    Mike "Mills" Vunovich (1983*p)
    William S. "Bill" Heath (1982*)
    Robert William "Bob" Pobst (1982*)
    Q.B. Pryor (1982*)
    Ezekiel "Zeke" Jimemez (1981*)
    Frank E. Perko, Jr. (1981*)
    David J. "Dave" Novak (1980*>)
    Robert Emmett "Bob" McGraw (1979*p)
    Frank Richard "Pap" Papish (1978*p)
    Robert S. "Bob" Trevithick (1978 LM)
    Rodney A. Wallace (1978*)
    Herb Casebeer (1977*)
    Joseph Edward Hughes (1977*)
    Ida J. Jones (1977*)
    Peter Anton Elich Jr. (1976*)
    Dennis Hagaman (1975*p)
    Gordon Allott (1974*)
    Joseph "Joe Awful" Coffee (1974*)
    Edward "Ed" Lesar (1974*p)
    Earl Harry 'Dutch' Clark (1973+*)
    Thomas E. "Tom" Keach (1973+)
    Gary L. Knafelc (1973+) 
    Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)



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