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Saturday, 13 August 2022

GPSA Meetings

Below are the TENTATIVE meetings dates for the GPSA during the 2022 calendar year. All meeting are held on the third Monday of the month in the GPSA at Massari Arena. Dates are subject to change if necessary.

Jan. 17 Feb. 21 Mar. 21 Apr. 18
May 16 Aug. 22 Sept. 19 Oct. 17


Banquet Date/Application Deadline

The deadline for nominations each year is Aug. 1.  The 2022 Banquet is tentatively set for Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. Go to the Application tab above to download and fill out an application today.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Jerry Sisneros, President of the GPSA. His email address is

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By History

Below shows the GPSA honorees and history of the Greater Pueblo Sports Association (GPSA) along with the year of induction in parenthesis ().

LEGEND: p = awarded posthumously; >= attended first meeting; * = deceased;+ = charter member (placed after year inducted)


Attend 1st GPSA Meeting
(Seven Male Honorees)
Lifetime Members - LM
(10 Male Honorees)
GPSA Charter Inductees
(11 Male Honorees)
David R. "Perk" Perkins (2017>) Mickey Giarrantano (1993 LM) Earl Harry 'Dutch' Clark (1973+*)
Loren Kilstofte (2003*>) Sel Elizondo (1992 LM) Bruno A. "Dr." DeRose (1973*+)
Carmen Angelo Rivas (1999>) Dr. Donald G. "Don" Stutters (1993 LM) Thomas E. Keach (1973+)
Brian Macartney (1988*>) Ernie Balloti (1981 LM*) Gary L. Knafelc (1973+)
David J. "Dave" Novak (1980*>) Hoy Frakes, Sr. (1981* LM) Raymond E. "Red" LeMasters (1973*+)
Ken Coatney (1976*>) Samuel Joseph "Sam" Corsentino (1980 LM) William L. "Bill" McClatchy(1973*+)
Sollie Simon "Sol" Raso (1976> LM) Jim Blanc (1989 LM) Edward A. "Ed" Orazem (1973*+)
Mike Salardino> Robert S. "Bob" Trevithick (1978 LM) Tony Niccoli, Jr. (1973+*p)
  Sollie Simon "Sol" Raso (1976> LM) Harry Hugh "Chief" Simmons (1973*+)
  Tom Keach (1973 LM) Edwin J. "Ed" Smith (1973*+)
    Calvin "Cal" Tatum (1973+)


Awarded Posthumously
(38 Male/Two Female Honorees)
John Thomas Lane (2019*p)
Myron Eugene "Gene" Poston (2018*p)
Edward C. "Eddie" Smith (2018*p)
Lou Henry Willschau (2018*p)
Robert "Bob" Busia (2017*p)
Ronald "Big O" Oreskovich (2017*p)
George Joseph Mastrini (2014*p)
George Zaharias (2014*p)
Jack C. Hildner (2012*p)
Andrew "Chink" Mihalick (2012*p)
William M. "Billy" Yalotz (2012*p)
Frank A. "Inky" Pechek (2011*p)
Dr. Elliott R. Plese (2008*p)
Roger A. Hargraves (2006*p)
Joseph C. "Joe" Prater (2006*p)
John Anthony "Sal" Salimeno, Jr. (2005*p)
Dale G. Drummond (2004*p)
Elizabeth Jane "Liz" Villegas (1998*p)
Joel Walter "Bear" Herzog (1996*p)
Rick Pobst (1995*p)
Charles G. "Charlie" Hoffman (1994*p)
Joseph "Salvy" Hernandez (1992*p)
Dr. John W. Sabo, Jr. (1992*p)
Anthony "Tony" Andenucio (1990*p)
Raymond Earl "Ray" LeMasters II (1989*p)
Ronney McDowell (1988*p)
Thomas Carlyle Gilmore (1984*p)
George A. Newton (1984*p)
Mike "Mills" Vunovich (1983*p)
Phillip L. "Hank" Pechek (1981*p)
Robert Emmett "Bob" McGraw (1979*p>)
Frank Richard "Pap" Papish (1978*p)
Henry "Hank" Gilmore (1977*p)
James Dale "Ox" Smith (1977*p)
James Howard Abell (1976*p)
Otto Wilfred "Tink" Snapp, Jr. (1976*p)
Dennis Hagaman (1975*p)
Edward "Ed" Lesar (1974*p)
Floretta "Doty" McCutcheon (1974*p)
Tony Niccoli, Jr. (1973+*p)



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