The GPSA Hall of Fame was established in 1972 to recognize and promote those prominent athletes, sports teams and recreational activities in Pueblo County. Now 50 years old, the GPSA Hall of fame has grown with 370 inductees including 40 women. The charter induction was in 1972 under inaugural president Sollie Rasso.

The GPSA Officers meet each third Monday of the month (except June and July) at 7 p.m., in the GPSA Room at Massari Arena on the campus of Colorado State University-Pueblo. The deadline for nominations for each year being Aug. 1 and the banquet scheduled in the month of November.



For a candidate to be eligible for the GPSA Hall of Fame, the criteria below must be met:
1. The candidate must have made an athletic impression on Pueblo.
2. The candidate must be 30 years old.
3. The candidate may be nominated as a Player, Coach, Official or Contributor to the Community.
4. Factors such as race, sex, creed, nationality, or politics shall never be considered in an evaluation of a candidate.
5. Has the candidate ever been convicted of a felony? If so, a written explanation must accompany the application.
6. A candidate must have lived in the City/County of Pueblo for at least 10 years.



1. A Quorum of the membership of the GPSA is required of an election to the Hall.
2. An affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the eligible electors is necessary.
3. In order for the votes of the members to count, they must vote for at least 1/3 of the candidates nominated.



Membership into the GPSA is open to anyone with these guidelines below:
1. A love of Pueblo Athletics and Recreation activities.
2. Pay an annual membership fee of $25.00.

Joining the GPSA does NOT ensure you automatic voting rights. To become an eligible elector, one must have attended at least six (6) meetings each year. Attending the annual banquet in November is considered three (3) meetings.

Visitors are welcome to all GPSA meetings; however, they are NOT eligible to vote.



Each year the Greater Pueblo Sports Association (GPSA) selects outstanding individuals for induction into its Hall of Fame. There are three awards given and they are separate from those that are inducted into the GPSA. These awards are the Brian Macartney which is given to the outstanding area boy and girl high school athletes from among Pueblo's seven high schools (Dolores Huerta Preparatory, Pueblo Centennial, Pueblo County, Pueblo East, Pueblo South, Pueblo West and Rye), the Jessie Banks and Spank Blasing which recognizes the collegiate female and male scholar-athlete at Colorado State University-Pueblo


Remembering Our Fallen GPSA Inductees

The Greater Pueblo Sports Association (GPSA) has announced a list of honorees that have passed since the 2022 induction ceremony on Nov. 16.


Dennis TrujilloDennis Trujillo
Class of 2007