25 Years/Lifetime Awards


25-Year Members

For 25 years the individuals listed below have been coming to the GPSA meetings. They are different then Lifetime members and don't necessarily have to be in the Hall of Fame.

Ernie Ballotti
Jim Blanc
Joe Bonacquista
Sam Corsentino
Sel Elizondo
Hoy Frakes

Tom Keach
Loren Kilstofte
Joe Massaro
Sollie Raso
Bob Trevithick
Dr. Donald Stutters

Lifetime Members

From Article III, Section 6 of the GPSA Constitution:

Lifetime Membership: To consist of (1) No Dues (2) No Attendance required to vote and (3) recognition at meetings and banquet if they are in attendance. In order to qualify for a Lifetime Membership a member must have a proven record of leadership, attendance, as a worker, and has shown a spirit of high regards for the GPSA. Someone must nominate the member from the floor, discussion should follow and then a secret ballot where five (5) no votes would disquailfy the individual for the award. The Lifetime Member is still required to purchase a ticket to the banquet if they want to attend.

Joe MassaroLifetime Member (LTM): Joe Massaro
Year Voted as LTM: Feb. 20, 2023
GPSA Achievements: Responsible for compiling "The Greatest Moments in GPSA" for the last 25 years. Age 78 at time of lifetime honor,
Years with GPSA: 25
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1995




Joe BonacquistaLifetime Member (LTM): Joe Bonacquista
Year Voted as LTM: Feb. 23, 2023
GPSA Achievements: Seven-time Secretary (2002-04 and 2016-19) for the GPSA. Age 81 at time of lifetime honor. 
Years with GPSA: 25
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1977




Jim BlancLifetime Member (LTM): Jim Blanc
Year Voted as LTM: Feb. 18, 2019
GPSA Achievements: Six-time President (2008-09 and 2014-17) and five-time Vice-President (2005-07 and 2012-13) for the GPSA. Age 86 at time of lifetime honor. 
Years with GPSA: 25
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1989




Lifetime Member (LTM): Sel Elizondo
Year Voted as LTM: 2016
GPSA Achievements: Named GPSA President (2000-01); Age 83 at time of Honor (Bd:12/25/1933). 
Years with GPSA: 23
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1992

Hoy FrakesLifetime Member (LTM): Hoy Frakes
Year Voted as LTM: Oct. 21, 2013
GPSA Achievements: GPSA Historian since 2004; Named GPSA President in 1996; Age 81 at time of Honor (Bd: 1/28/1932).
Years with GPSA: 22
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1981



Mickey GiarratanoLifetime Member (LTM): Mickey Giarratano
Year Voted as LTM: 2010
GPSA Achievements: 
Years with GPSA: 20
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1993



Tom KeachLifetime Member (LTM): Tom Keach
Year Voted as LTM: 2010
GPSA Achievements: Inducted into Hall of Fame 1973; life time membership 2010, first inducted as a charter member.
Years with GPSA: N/A
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1973




don stuttersLifetime Member (LTM): Dr. Donald P. Stutters
Year Voted as LTM: March 15, 2010
GPSA Achievements: Two-time President of GPSA (1998, 1990); Has printed GPSA Constitition since 1996; Five-time GPSA Secretary (1992-96);Named GPSA Vice-President in 1989; Age 77 at time of Honor (Bd: 5/22/1932). 
Years with GPSA: 21
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1993


b trevithickLifetime Member (LTM): Bob Trevithick
Year Voted as LTM: April 29, 2009
GPSA Achievements: First member to hold ALL four offices of the GPSA; Secretary (1991, 1987, 1982); President (1984-85); Vice-President (1983); Treasurer (1981); Calling Committee of one - Called all members on Sunday prior to meeting on Monday night; In charge of setting up and running the video presentations at Banquet (since 1996); Age 79 at time of Honor (Bd: 1/25/1931).
Years with GPSA: 37
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1978

Sam CorsentinoLifetime Member (LTM): Sam Corsentino
Year Voted as LTM: 1980
GPSA Achievements: Served a majority of his time in office as Treasurer (1982-83 and 1986-2007); Age 62 at time of Honor (Bd: 8/25/1918).
Years with GPSA: 37
Year Inducted into GPSA: 2008



Sollie RasoLifetime Member (LTM): Sollie Raso
Year Voted as LTM: Aug. 18, 2008
GPSA Achievements: First President of the GPSA (1972-73); Regarded as the "George Washington" of the GPSA; Charter Member of the GPSA in 1972; Age 86 at time of Honor (Bd: 1/14/1922).
Years with GPSA: 36
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1972


Ernie BallottiLifetime Member (LTM): Ernie Ballotti
Year Voted as LTM: Aug. 18, 2008
GPSA Achievements: Three-time GPSA President (1978, 1988, 1989); GPSA Treasurer (1984-85); Named GPSA Vice-President in 1977; Charter Member of the GPSA in 1972; Age 82 at time of Honor (Bd: 7/2/1926).
Years with GPSA: 36
Year Inducted into GPSA: 1981



The Greater Pueblo Sports Association (GPSA) has announced a list of honorees that have passed since the 2023 induction ceremony on Nov. 15.



Daniel RosalesDaniel

Class of 2002

Everett C. ThalhamerEverett C.

Class of 2014

Bob GrahamBobby Max

Class of 1990